Can I become more organised in 2013?

I love reading blogs. This morning while drinking my morning cuppa, the general theme was about becoming more organised. (I think that it being New Year has something to do with it.)

Now generally I consider myself quite organised, but there are certain areas where I am not- clutter, tidying up after myself and anything to do with paperwork are 3 areas that spring to mind.
By being more organised, life should become calmer as I will:
: be able to find things when I need them.
: have created routines/ habits that make the day flow. (especially the mornings!)
: feel as though I’m being a good steward with my time.
: be able to finally have a home that is a haven of rest for ourselves and others.

One of my goals for 2013 is to become tidier- notably to pick up after myself. This is a challenging task as this new habit will need to overrule a 36 year old one! Success on this habit would also make A a very happy hubby.
So to develop this habit I have challenged myself to become more organised and tidy.
If I find a home for everything, keep the counters tidy and develop a system for my paperwork that works for me, I should become a LOT more organised, tidy and feel more in control of my everlasting To Do List.
Hey- the children might even learn from me too!

So, best I hop out of bed and get started!

A focused year…

It is coming to that time of year when we automatically start to set new goals or resolutions, generally ones that are broken by the end of the month, if not the first week!

This year, I hope to do something different. I plan to set myself some goals that are challenging yet, manageable…

I’ve been inspired to do this, due to some goal setting that I did back in September. I had been in Tokyo for a few weeks, and I felt I needed a purpose for the time that I was here otherwise the homesickness was going to overwhelm me.

So on one of my ‘Me Moments’ (a time when J is asleep and I have the apartment to myself) I created a mission statement.

I then wrote down what that statement meant practically.

And finally broke the practical statements into monthly goals.

After following these goals for the last 4 months, I have felt it has given me a purpose and direction to my days. I haven’t managed everything, but a large number of my monthly goals have been accomplished. Meeting the financial goals that I set, while adjusting to living in a new and very expensive city, has certainly empowered me.

It has also inspired me to repeat the exercise for 2013 and it’s proving quite time consuming. I’m struggling to create a mission statement that can encompass the goals that would be good to have eg: regular date nights with hubby and with each of the children, and the ‘resolutions’ that I make every year and really would like to keep.

(Those helpings of cheesecake, washed down with a lovely Pinot Grigio are sitting very resolutely round my disappearing waistline, and like last year- I need want it back. That said, I have had 3 kids so maybe I need to accept that my waistline has gone for good.)

But before our Christmas holiday comes to an end, I need to make the time to sit down with my list of goals and ‘resolutions’ and see how I can merge them into a mission statement that works, and so monthly goals.

So my random somedays can become focused somedays- blessing others and be a form of worship to God. (see Romans 12:1)

Here’s to a focused 2013.