January’s Mountains

I shared how I have given myself the challenge of ‘A mountain a month’ and so I thought I’d share, how I was doing….

Mountain 1: Physical Mountain
This month:IMG_0571.JPG

Well, I managed the physical mountain. That was great fun, as a group of 13 of us headed out to Chiba prefecture and headed up a mountain. We also found a quintessential little shrine, carved into the rock face of the mountain. So kawaii! (Cute in Japanese)


Next month:
Hike up Mt Sengenrei.

Mountain 2: Mountain of Weight
This month:
Some progress has been made, but this might take a while.
Next month:
Keep going, try and increase my exercise levels.

Mountain 3: Mountain of Paperwork
This month:
I managed to submit my tax return on time, but it was a challenge to find the necessary documents for it.
Next month:
Find an organisation system that works for me and then start sorting through the papers and filing them.

Mountain 4: Mountains of Photographs
This month:
This is more like a mountain range than just one mounain! I had a super holiday in Vietnam last year, so at the moment I am trying to reduce their number, put the date onto the name. I will keep going, slowly but surely.
Next month:
Complete sorting the Vietnam photos, reducing the numbers to at the most 200! Given we had 2000, that is quite a tall order!

Mountain 6: Mountains of Creative Projects
This month:
A friend and I have given ourselvesthe challenge of Scrapbooking 2 pages a month. This month, I am creating pages of our Vietnam trip, as I am creating a photobook of the trip for ourselves and my parents who travelled with us. I have managed to Scrap the pages, but the photobook has not made much progress.
Next month:
Complete the photobook, so I don’t have to buy another month’s credit.  

Mountain 1: Mountains of Books
This month:
Reading…. hmmm what’s that? 
Next month:
I have given the my Cubs and Beaver pack a readathon challenge for the month of February to raise money for Room to Read. In light of my wonderful recent reading record (I haven’t read a novel since the summer!), I am giving myself the challenge of reading at least 2 fiction books during February.IMG_0813.JPG

Ok- I’m not going to conquer the mountains, if I tackle them at this rate. Granted, small steps- but I need to actually take some steps to make progress! 

February- a fresh start!

6 thoughts on “January’s Mountains

  1. Well considering that is 7 mountains tried in month 1- you deserve a pat on the back! I’ve been told this weekend that filling shouldn’t be a mountain and there really is no need for 20+ years of bank statements! Even my dad has burnt his up to 2 years ago! Still not sure how I feel… Someone might ask for them…?! Wilbur smith book is very good – if I have recognised it correctly!

    1. Problem is filing becomes a mountain when we would rather be doing something more fun! Oh wait- thanks procrastination again! Regarding my statements- I’m shredding my old statements (most recent one is dated 2009!)and then composting them!
      Thank you for the encouragement and good luck with your filing.πŸ˜‰

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