Mountains of Goals…

It’s another new year and in true ‘Me’ style, I’ve created as significant List… clearly I haven’t learnt!

I created the list, towards the end of last year, when I got rather frustrated with things in my life. Things that were causing mental stress and clutter. Yet, I still did little about it. I’ve discovered, I’m a procrastinator.

Procrastination has resulted in dishes not being washed.
Procrastination has resulted in the house building clutter.
Procrastination has resulted in us losing money as I’ve missed insurance claims deadlines.
Procrastination has resulted in me feeling like I’m constantly chasing my tail.

So I created a list of projects, of tasks that were causing me significant mental clutter.
From submitting the insurance claims that were still in date, to organising my paperwork, to creating ‘Memory pages’
They were to be called projects until a visit to the U.K….

A friend has given herself the challenge of a ‘Medal a Month’, where each month she plans to enter a race and earn a medal. I thought it was a great idea, but with my PF, I know that I cannot run or should I say contemplate running just yet.
But I could hike! And so the idea of ‘A Mountain a Month’ challenge was born.

Except that it grew to becoming a bit more than just one mountain:
: There is the actual physical mountain that I will hike up each month, with Mt Fuji being my ultimate goal in July.
: The mountain of weight ( 15kg), that I’ve gained since becoming an expat.
: The mountain of paperwork that only gets done when I have a deadline!
: The mountain of photographs I have on my hard drive.
: The mountain of incomplete creative projects that are cluttering our home.
: The mountain of books that are gathering dust on my bookshelf waiting for me to read.

And so, in 2017 I plan to conquer mountains! At least two a month- an actual mountain and one of my incomplete projects!

Fingers crossed!

PS- I plan to keep you posted on how I’m doing, in the hope the accountability will help drive the momentum.

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