Lego Organisation 

Lego Organisation

I shared last month about tidying the playroom and since then I’ve received a couple of comments about my Lego organisation. So I thought I’d share how I organise my Lego.

Our children’s Lego collection reflects a few things about me..

  1. I like Lego. I mean really like Lego. Our children have a phenomenal Lego collection- Lego friends, City, Creator and Classic.
  2. I have limited self control when it comes to buying Lego. Generally speaking, Lego cheaper than the other countries I’ve looked shopped in- South Africa, UK and USA. So I tend to buy Lego as gifts and I encourage the spending of pocket money on Lego rather than other toys or confectionery!
  3. I’m OCD when it comes to storage! As a child our Lego was in a trunk and I felt like I spent ages trying to find a piece for the kit so the kit never got rebuilt as I usually got frustrated.

So how do I store the Lego?

I have used two systems over the years, so I thought I would share both systems that I’ve used.

Kits Separate:

IMG_0382 (2)
I had a box that held all the Classic pieces so should the creative juices flow, the children can dig and create. Next to this box, were the kits. I purchased a load of plastic tubs from the ¥100 store, and placed the kits inside those. Much to Hubby’s amusement, I have spent many a weekend hour checking that the kits have all parts.

This all changed when I came to build J’s pick up truck and couldn’t find the wheels. It turned out that the girls had taken the wheels as they had wanted to build a caravan. (Actually, they had built an fleet of caravans, so there were no wheels to be had at all!)

So I reassessed…

Pintrest showed a huge variety in organisation ideas, from a hold-all play mat (we have too much Lego for that and I’ve mentioned why I don’t like random storage.) to organisation by colour. But none of them really worked for me.

So I created my own storage system. And it is truly an OCD storage system:

I bought two second hand drawer units and then divided up the drawers into sections using all the various plastic containers (remember those?) that were holding the kits. I proceeded to divide the Lego by categories: windows, arches, 2×1 pieces, 2×2 pieces etc.


Car drawer


Chunky pieces drawer


Flats drawer


Thins drawer


Random bits


House drawer

When I was in South Africa at Christmas I discovered a lovely shop called Plasticland  and they sold plastic drawer dividers, so I bought 3 to help with the Lego organisation.

I store the instructions in a pink Lego friends carry case- I’m not too taken with this, so will possibly  change it.

I am happy with this form of storage, it has allowed for some amazing creations from the children. Hubby moans that the children break their kits up shortly after they have made them, but not all the kits get broken up and the role play that happens alongside the creations is just heavenly.

Tidying up, admittedly, does take a while to put the pieces back where they belong, so what we tend to have is a large plastic box that we chuck the pieces in when we are having a quick pick up and the over a weekend, have a sorting session. I’ve yet to have all the pieces away in their proper places, but as the Lego is the only toy being played with at the moment by ALL the children, I doubt the pieces will all make it away!

So that’s how I store my Lego. Please do let me know how you store yours? I’d love to know other systems out there.

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