Expat Friends

Making new friends while an expat has its ups and downs. When you first arrive- you don’t know a soul, so meeting new people and creating new friendships is crucial…

And difficult…

Creating a friend that you can depend on, rely on, call upon in your hour of need takes time, energy and trust. When you’re home those friendships are being formed but at different levels, so hardly noticible.
But when your status becomes that of an expat- that’s very different. Everyone is new. Everyone is at the
‘Pleased to meet you-How long have you been here-Where are you from’ stage.

When I hit the rocks 3 months in, it was because of the friendships. I didn’t have my friends around to call upon when I was feeling down. To snap me out of my self pity. To tell me that the behaviour that my 7/6/2 year old was doing was perfectly normal and that no I wasn’t the only Mum who lost her cool with her child at 5pm! I missed them. I needed my no nonsense friend to put be back on the straight and narrow…
But she is in England. I’m in Japan.

But 5 months in, things are improving and the biggest perk of expat friends is the variety. I am meeting people from my home town in the UK ( unbelievable I know!) to Americans, Japanese (ok no surprises there), Macedonians, Australians, Scandinavians, French to Indians. (and a surprisingly large number of South Africans!) Learning about new cultures through these new friends is worth the hard work and the difficult first few months and when we finally leave Japan, lots of people to visit all over the world!

About Cheryl

I am a child of God, a wife and a mother of 4 children. Some days are good. Some days are frustrating. Some days are just plain insane. In between the mayhem, I loved to go for walks with our mutt, potter in the garden and enjoy the beauty that surrounded us. That all changed in August 2012 when we waved goodbye to our mutt and garden, our eldest at Uni in Gloucester and moved to Tokyo for 4 months. And yes- we are still here...
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